Tempest Freestation and the Syndicate

Tempest Freestation

Tempest Freestation is home to 125,000 Imperial subjects and serves as a gas mining refinery, trading outpost, and shipyard. Located on the border of the Imperium and the Ophidian Confederacy, Tempest holds position on the very edge of the Cordelian Nebulae, a mineral rich phenomenon. 

Tempest is operated by the Consolidated Amalgamate Mining Syndicate, with minimal Imperial oversight. ConAm, along with the various merchant guilds and smaller corporations, use Tempest as a regional headquarters and trade hub. The Imperium maintains a small presence, a staff whose primary task is tax collection.

Tempest also maintains a small security force of a few system monitors and gunboats and a handful of fighters. There is also about 100 trained corporate troops, mostly Imperial veterans and mercenaries.

The current Administrator General of Tempest is a ConAm executive named Xander Malmorii, a human. Malmorii is a veteran of the Corporate Wars and has a reputation as a fair administrator and takes his responsibility for safety of the Freestation's populace very seriously.


Tempest Freestation and the Syndicate

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