INS Revenant PC-16309

INS Revenant

Patrol Corvette, ISN PC-16309

Using a 400-ton, TL12 hull, the INS Revenant Patrol Corvette mounts the Gayle Field 03 jump drive (F), the Slipstream Hw.44 maneuver drive (H), and the Zahinyo 4.6H/s power plant (H), giving a performace of jump-3 and 4G acceleration. Fuel tankage supports a 3 parsec jump, at 40t per parsec, and one month of operations. The control system is a Computer Model /3 std. There are 8 staterooms, a small barracks for gunners and Marines, and 4 low berths. 

Installed weaponry include: 2 T3 Missiles, and 3 T3 Beam Lasers. Cargo capacity is 50 tons. The Patrol Corvette has a streamlined hull.

Carried craft include one Ship's Boat (hangar) and one GCarrier. The ship has a crew of 8 and a 5 trooper squad compliment (vacc suit trained).

INS Revenant PC-16309

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